How to Play Three-Card Poker

Poker is such an exciting casino games. Its popularity made it one of the most varied, one of the most interesting games that player of all sizes and shapes learn to love. Poker is no longer just about the old-fashioned table game we knew from decades before. It has been reinvented countless times to offer a different brand of excitement.

One popular Poker game is the Three-Card variety. Its allure lies in the fact that it is pretty simple yet never short on the fun aspect. As a result, you will see a lot of players coming in droves to play Three-Card Poker every so often. Its place in the casino is becoming a mark.

Three-Card Poker uses a single, regular deck consisting of 52 cards. In this game, players can make two different bets. There is the Ante Bet where you are wagering on your hand's strength against that of the dealer. There is also the Pair Plus bet where you are wagering whether you are getting a pair or not. In some casinos, playing the Pair Plus bet requires you to place an Ante bet.

The game starts when the players place their bets. After placing wagers, Three-Card Poker players are dealt with three cards each. If you choose to play on your Ante bet, you will have to decide whether to fold or play as soon as you see your initial hand. If you choose to fold, your wager will be forfeited. If you choose to continue playing, you will be asked to place another bet. After the decisions are made, it is time for the dealer to reveal his hand. Each player who has a stronger hand against that of the dealer will be paid accordingly.

The hand rankings on a Three-Card Poker are similar but not quite to a regular game. Since the hand you are using is composed of only three cards, cards are placed at different values. A Straight Flush for example, is awarded to a hand of three same suit cards in a sequence.

Bonuses are also given generously to Three-Card Poker players who manage to have a Three of a Kind, a Straight, or a Straight Flush, regardless whether they beat the dealer in his game or not. The payout table as well as the bonus payout differs with every game. You can check out the payout table first so you will know what is in store for you before you star playing.