To Show or Not To Show Your Cards in Poker

Will you reveal your cards during an online poker game? Normally, different poker player has a different perspective regarding whether to reveal hole cards when an opponent folds. You may not show your card when you are placed at a circular table but during poker tournaments you may show it once in a while. It is not recommended to show your cards during online poker tournaments especially with seasoned poker players present at the table.

If you continuously show some of your cards, they will end up calling correctly your bluffs in the near future. There are three instances in a game where revealing your cards during a game will help you get an advantage as the game progresses.

1st is revealing the nuts. This technique is where you can show your best hand, which is also known in poker by the same term. You can usually show your best hand when a large cash pot is taken and you have made a good raise on the river. For example, you have a nut flush in your possession and two of your opponents called you on the river.

They will then check and you wagered out 500. Both of your opponents will fold and you can then reveal your ace high flush card. This can be a good starting point for a bluff at the later stages of the game, where you may find yourself embroiled in the same situation in the river and wagered out 500 as a bluff.

The chances that your opponent will fold are high if they see that you are a conservative player and would not be bluffing with a wager that is similar to the nut flush. This is only possible if you do not bluff that often and you have not been previously outguessed by your opponents, maintaining your conservative type of player image.

2nd is letting your opponents see your bluff. Normally, you should only show bluffs during the short hand play, about six players or less at the gambling table. You should avoid from showing a lot of bluffs because it will just cause your rivals to not believe your raises and they will just place you on a steal on every card hand.

If you want to upset your opponents in the game and put them on the tilt, that is another matter. Doing a bluff when your opponent has an edge on you often affect beginner players and advanced players. If you decide to show your bluffs, most of your opponents will nark you and call your every hand. So you must be ready if you want this type of strategy.

3rd, revealing a fold. This type of situation will happen when your cards are beat and you want to show your opponents a good lay down. If you show a lot of lay down, your opponent will have an idea on what kind of gambler you are.

Your laying down may also give your opponents an idea that they can make a move on you. The best time to reveal a fold is when you know that your opponent has hit on their straight or flush. If you do this correctly, your opponents will have second thoughts of going up against you.

Folding a good hand will show the other players in the game that you have the skill to read ahead and can do a difficult laydown. Be careful when you are revealing your bluffs and folds.

Do not make it a usual habit of revealing your cards because you will inadvertently showing some information about your game play because skilled players will immediately analyze your style and adjust their style accordingly.

You can also show the nuts if you are deciding on what good time to show. This will enhance your image and your opponents will fear you. Your raises will be called warily and anyone who wants to re-raise will first analyze your style of play. You can also make some bluff to put your opponents on the tilt.